Packaging stewardship reporting in Canada is complex. Each province has its own unique rules, reportable packaging materials and recommended reporting methods. Securing accurate packaging type and weight data from suppliers is challenging. At year-end, if you have only collected a sample set of qualified data, your staff must have strong statistical skills in order to finalize reports.

I’ve done all the of the above, so I’ve partnered with CGC Educational Communications in order to deliver best-in-class training on blue box reporting.

Course Delivery:

This course, designed by CGC Educational Communications, is delivered in a scenario-based education style. Participants will have the opportunity to learn by working through business cases in a group and peer-to-peer. Formal presentations are kept to a minimum and participants are sent home with a step-by-step Reporting and Audit Preparation Guide.

Options for course customization are available, for example, do you want to cross train multiple people in your business? We can come to you.